Eliminating odour from your home


Eliminating odour from your closet


Eliminating odour from your holiday


The Simple way to Eliminate Odour
Can also be used just as a spray


Athletics, Boxing, Cycling, Fishing, Gym, Hiking, Skiing, Surfing, Swimming…


Use on handbags, boots, shoes, leather, pvc, suede, furs, gloves, delicate clothing…


Use on items subject to odour such as workboots, gloves, jackets, overalls…


Treat household items subject to odour. Essential holiday accessory for keeping fresh on-the-go

Keep Odours at Bay

Oreduce is a fresh new product range specifically made to help people prolong the life of their quality and luxury items. Our unique products have created the perfect solution to a problem that affects so many – how to remove stubborn odour and bring back freshness to our treasured items.

The Oreduce bag is designed for everyday use.  Freshen up your your sports kit; your luxury items such as handbags and shoes; your workwear; and everyday items around the house that are subject to odour. It has even been proven to reduce stale cigarette odour from clothing! The bag’s permeability helps to release bad odours and moisture from your items. When used with our spray it’s the perfect way to keep odours at bay.

It is the ideal solution for items that cannot be washed!

Starter Kit Offer!

Oreduce starter kit containing an Oreduce Bag (48×50 cm) and a 30ml bottle of Oreduce Spray.  Gives 30 long-lasting treatments!

Stay Fresh

Spray your item in between uses to keep them free from bad odours.


After spraying your items store them in the bag for short or long term storage to reduce the build-up of odours and decrease its susceptibility to mould.

Odour Reduction

Use the Oreduce system to treat your item and reduce/remove any existing odours.


Use the Oreduce bag from the moment you purchase your new item to prevent the build-up of bad odours.