How Does Oreduce Work?

Oreduce Bag

Using a patented mineral compound on the bags surface it is able to release odour and moisture but keep the essential oil from the oreduce spray inside. This means that the spray will continue to work and keep items fresh when used with the bag.

The bag releases approx. 1.7cc of moisture over 24hrs. Although this is not enough to dry a wet item it will ensure that damp or dry items are able to breathe preventing any odours from building up. Due to its unique make up it will keep any moisture in the surrounding air out. For long term storage in your garage, shed or loft it should prevent products from being penetrated by mould fungi offering dual protection.

Oreduce Spray

Utilising natural plant extracts our spray is designed to reduce or remove odour from items where it has already built up some nasty odours. Alcohol is used to create the spray instead of water so that it does not add any moisture and dries quickly.