How to use Oreduce

Odour reduction:

Ensure your items are dry and then simply spray directly inside the item or spray on several sheets of tissue paper (for multiple items)  3-5 times. Check that it is moist to touch and then place inside the Oreduce bag and seal. We recommend that you keep this sealed for a minimum of 3 days, however if you are just looking to freshen up your items then 12-24 hours will be sufficient.  As with any product, we recommend testing on a small area of the item/garment first.

Oreduce is easy to use
Oreduce can be used with a multitude of items

Put your items in the bag before and after use when leaving and returning home.

Important Note

Before treating an item and placing it in the Oreduce bag it is important to ensure that it is dry or only very slightly damp.  If it is too damp then your item may become mouldy in the bag.

The special permeability of the bag effectively allows odours to be released but also keeps the spray in.  It will allow some moisture out of the bag but if the contents are wet, or too damp, condensation could occur that may lead to mould.

If you wish to place wet items in the Oreduce bag, for example a swimming costume or wetsuit, in order to transport them home without them smelling worse or adding odour to your other gear, this is absolutely fine – however, before treating them with Oreduce Spray or storing them it is essential to dry them as far as possible.


If storing items for longer periods simply place them in to the bag and seal. If you want to keep them smelling fresh then scrunch up a piece of tissue paper, spray it with 3-5 sprays until moist and place inside the bag next to your items.

This is ideal for clothing, bedding and durable items you are looking to store in your loft or garage. It is also useful when storing seasonally used products such as fishing equipment.

For best results:

  • Ensure the item is as dry as possible before using the Oreduce system.
  • Once the item has been sprayed place straight into the Oreduce bag and seal immediately.
  • For stubborn smells use the Oreduce spray directly on the item and keep in the bag for at least 3 days.

And remember:

Mould works best in cold and damp environments which means items that are often stored in garages, sheds and lofts are most susceptible. By treating your items with our Oreduce spray and using our Oreduce bag to store them the build up of mould can be prevented.